Getting Started - Ordering a caricature

You will need to provide at least three to four good quality & recent photos for each person, vehicle or pet to be included in the caricature. If the vehicle has any detail like signage or pinstriping close up pics of those will also be essential. Any extra information you can provide will help greatly with our ability to provide you with the best possible likeness. Please add the persons hair and eye colour as photos can sometimes be deceiving, no sunglasses please. Also think of any extra personal details you’d like included, Things like, favourite drink, sporting club etc, it all goes to help make the caricature a more personal and fun experience.

Process and Timeframe

Full colour caricatures usually take around two weeks or ten working days to complete. This can vary depending on my previous commissions or workload at the time of your enquiry. Once it has been agreed to commence the caricature I will draw a layout sketch for your approval. This is so you can make sure you are happy with the likeness and make any necessary changes. It is important any changes are discussed at the sketch stage as changes required on the finished artwork will take considerably more time to do and may as a result incur an additional fee. All caricatures are printed using quality commercial printing equipment comprising of colour calibrated Fuji Xerox printing presses and Roland Eco Solvent wide format printers, Stock through digital Fuji Xerox printing press is silk coated matt finished, wide format prints are provided on 210gsm matt photo paper.

We package all of our prints carefully to ensure they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

All caricatures are hand drawn using the latest in digital drawing technology the Wacom Cintiq 22HD. This device enables the artist to draw directly onto a screen using drawing software Photoshop CS. The Cintiq Tablet is simply another tool that helps the artist draw in a digital format. It still requires the user to have an ability to create the artwork itself and by no means does the drawing for me. It also enables me to offer a high quality illustration at a more affordable price than traditional media. Digital copies of the artwork are also available upon request.

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